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“Never under estimate your mind”


With a 100 billion neurons ( Human Cells) firing the human brain is the most powerful computer we have. Which would explain why there are so many things that could go wrong, with so many receptors all going at once it is very easy for a few of those wires to get crossed. Which will result in many different abnormalities such as Addiction, Mental Illnesses and so much more. The drug of choice no matter what enhances and excites the reward system in the brain, depending on the drug some will give off a euphoric feeling while others such as Alcohol appear to give off a “good” feeling really is disrupting the balance of the brain’s chemistry, so while the person who drinks feels good for a while after that feeling of “good” comes down the need for more Alcohol increases which depresses the brain. The more a person drinks the more the body craves which will turn into that vicious cycle. I can speak of Alcohol because I am a recovering Alcoholic I used to drink to party, then I drank because I wanted too, then I drank because it was my right to drink. I used to say I am (name my age) and if I want to drink I can if I want to, I would then drink to numb pain which then became the cycle I would go on heavy binges then I would stop for a week or two, then I would drink in moderation. Now moderation for an Alcoholic is not getting shit faced falling down drunk. Which was my reason and loop-hole I would force myself to stop after a few beers so then I could “earn” that binge where I would go balls to the wall. In the height of my binges especially this past year if you stuck me in a room filled with booze I would not only drink as much as I possibly could but I would do it from the time I woke up to passing out and I would have kept that pattern up til I got sick or died. The power of my addict in my brain is so powerful that if we were going to a birthday party or any get together my first thought was is there going to be booze? How much? I would stress on it til I would finally just prime it up by drinking as many as I could before my wife and I left but also trying to hide how many I pounded. I would just fixate on it so much then once we got there I would watch the clock to see how many I could get down without anyone noticing how much. I hide my drunkenness somewhat well but the age-old secret to that is the addict is always the last to find out they are an addict. As hard as I tried to be sneaky and even joking about it to play it off it was like I wore a billboard that said ” I WILL DRINK ALL OF YOUR BOOZE I AM AN ALCOHOLIC”  its just no one will ever tell a person because they feel it’s not their place. Well that is where everyone needs to erase that line in the sand step up and say something ( please do not confront a person while they are on their substance)  there are right ways and wrong ways to approach a person about their substance I suggest calling a toll-free addiction number and getting help from a trained professional or if you are close with the person just simply tell them you care and you are not telling them what to do, but you are concerned about their habits. In a non threatening way my experiences with this is the best way to go about it. I wished my addiction was recognized 20 years ago, then again I also do not live in the wish-land, or the I should have’s . The brain can be such a powerful weapon if used correctly I am trying to learn new things to educate myself on everything I can about Mental Illness and Addiction, my thing is I have this awesome weapon I just need to arm it with the proper tools then and only then will I have enough tools to battle off the evil that try to take over my mind. Everyone no matter who you are what you have done or do, everyone can learn new things take away the bad chemicals from the mind let it heal and build up a new wall to keep out the bad shit. I truly believe with the power of proper education on brain chemistry and the disease and potential threats of the mind that it can be stopped. It is all a matter of how much work you want to put into it, for me the work was an easy decision because I came so close to loosing my life and I look at my three kids and think “damn, I came so close to missing all of this” that my friends is my power to stay on my sober path, along with getting the message out breaking the stigmas and getting people the help they want. There is not one person who suffers from addiction that sad when asked what do you want to be when you grow up “An Alcoholic” “I wanna be a drug addict” no one wants to stay in the lonely dark hole of addiction, the brain wiring that they have will suggest other wise but I promise you once a person is free and clear and are able to work through their underlined issues from their past. Once they are giving the proper tools to work on them selves and to see who they are as a person and learn to love themselves. Then the cycle and chain will be broken life will be given back to them a new way of living can start free and clear from the pain and misery of what was once their everyday life.



  1. Jenn says:

    Please seek the advise JR shares here in regards to confronting a loved one about their addiction. A harsh and an accusing tone of voice will get you only defiance and make matters worse. Your loved one will feel attacked instead of cared about/concerned about.
    Thank you, JR, for writing another great article.

    Liked by 1 person

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