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“Its a disease not a character flaw”

You read it about it almost every day, you seen a “famous” person who got into trouble because of drugs or alcohol. The first response by society is “wow what an asshole” but that is so unfair. Millions of people suffer from addiction and yet the first reaction is to judge them. I am going to use Lamar Odom as an example here because I read so many negative things about him. This is a man who suffered great loss in his life but because he has a certain status in the media he is an outcast. Just because a person has money does not make them exempt from this disease.  When I read or see something on the news about a “famous” person who is loosing a battle with addiction my heart drops for them, I feel for them my heart hurts for them. When a person no matter who they are how much money they make they are human. They are hurting no one does drugs for the hell of it there is always and underlined factor to this. The media focuses on the fact of his status and how much he spent rather than the disease its self should be bringing awareness and pointing out the fact NO ONE is safe from this. The stigma behind addiction is so ridiculous and people everyday are loosing their lives because of it. If you have two people walk into a room one person is an Alcoholic and the other has Cancer  if they are the same age, both have good jobs and the same amount of money. The person with the Cancer will be greeted with open arms and offerings of “if there is anything I can do” while the Alcoholic will be judged and made out to be their fault they chose to have that disease. They are both terminal disease, they both can come out of no where and to a degree somewhat treatable depending on the severity of them both.  The point is that they are both disease and yet only one is accepted among society, why can’t a person with addiction be treated the same way the outcomes just might be different. If you welcome a person with addiction with the support they so desire the acceptance from their peers. The the under lined issues have a far greater chance of being noticed. There is no difference Addiction is a life long disease just a matter of being in-active or active just like anything else with the proper treatments it can be treated properly. It is simple change the stigma save more lives, another example when society sees a person on the corner asking for money their first thought is “They are probably a crack head, and made their choice to be homeless”  does anyone really wake up one day and say to themselves “I think I am going to give up everything I have, I am going to do drugs and live under an overpass”? I think not. That is the stigma that NEEDS to be broken change needs to happen people need to be educated and made aware of the truth of this disease. It is cunning and powerful and can take you at any given second. Sure many people can be social drinker snow, but if people are not aware of the dangers and stop thinking “It will never happen to me” then before they know it they can not even get through the day without planning that next happy hour, that next drink, fix etc. I am not exaggerating here it is the cold hard facts about addiction. I know from my own experience for years I did not even realize how much I drank half the damn time I would say “I do not know how many I had I did not keep track” that is red flag number one, drinking sop much you lose count. It took me years to realize I was an alcoholic then it took me longer to accept it then even longer to finally do something about it. Addiction is a master manipulator of the brain it can fool you and will do anything to get that next drink or drug it is the king of denial. The best and most common thing is comparison “I am not as bad as that guy” “I have a job, a wife kids, I own my house” all the more reasons to stay stuck in the vicious circle of this deadly ride. It is the most powerful thing on the planet and the biggest enemy of ourselves. Once it takes control of the mind then that sweet loving person you used to know is know held hostage by the grips of addiction. Does not make that person a bad person consider them being possessed by the demon of control, manipulation and despair. Change needs to be made awareness needs to be made. I put myself on the line and the wire by sharing my stories to I will no longer be judged for my diseases.


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